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  LIFE Meetings - About the LIFE Program


Adult Group Support & Learning Program


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The LIFE program is for people who want to take an active role in their health.


As a cardiologist, I see too many people die from heart disease without knowing the risks or having the support for a happy and healthy lifestyle. However, finding time to fully discuss how to adopt healthy lifestyles with patients is hard.


This is why I have decided to offer a monthly group support program. The LIFE program provides an open and friendly setting for individuals to discuss their health concerns. We encourage a "buddy system" for members to support each other between the meetings.


I specialize in prevention of heart disease and will share with you the latest information on a number of topics including:

"Medications such as aspirin and cholesterol lowering agents"

"The natural approach to health"

"A heart healthy diet"

"How to achieve weight loss or prevent weight gain"

"What's the best type of exercise and how much exercise do you need"

"Exploring vitamins and supplements"

"How to handle stress in your life"


Above all, staying healthy requires making good decisions in all areas of your life. This includes how you eat, how much activity you get, and how you think and feel. The LIFE program can give you the tools to help you achieve a greater balance and harmony in your life. Making changes can be difficult but not impossible if you are deeply committed. Come and  join us to find out how you can be part of this exciting program that celebrates life.


LIFE (Lifestyle Intervention Forever)

Adult Group Support & Learning Program


Finding time to discuss healthy lifestyles adequately is very difficult during my daily practice. However, it is so important that I have decided to deal with this topic once per month in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.


Each of us has many reasons for being part of this group. Some are here to simply lose weight or try to reverse the process of blocked arteries. There are many ways to improve your health. The goal of the LIFE program is to offer tools to keep you healthy. We at the LIFE program are committed to this goal.


I firmly believe that the best way to treat a heart attack, a stroke or cancer is to prevent it from happening in the first place.


About the LIFE program…


LIFE Program begins at:


5:00 -7:00 pm:

Healthy Cooking Classes with Bruce and Ross (Optional) (Pre-registration with Ross is advised at 905 387-6264)


6:00 – 7:00 pm:

Choose any of the following activities:

-Registration for the LIFE Meeting

-Blood pressure, your weight and most recent bloodwork review  

-Group walk around-the-block, complete your Exercise and Food Prescription. Borrow or        

obtain a pedometer from Gethyn.

- Read or obtain one of Dr Greg’s books from the HealthCorner Library

- Learn how to use the Internet and register for your Health Challenges

 - Recipe exchange

 - Watch videos 

 - Social hour

 - Meet with your Health or Exercise Coach


7:00 – 9:00 pm:  Presentations


Newspaper Corner: Update on the latest information from the Internet or newspaper.  Please bring a copy of the article you wish to discuss.  Question and answer period.


Monthly Topic:  Discussion from monthly agenda.  Suggestions for change are gladly taken into account.


Low-fat Snacks: Bringing food is voluntary.  Please don’t feel you need to bring in food. Please bring recipes that state calories and grams of fat.  Recipes will be included in a LIFE cookbook.


This is by far my favorite meal of the month!


9:00 – Onward:   Issues to discuss with Dr. Curnew. ‘I’m always the last to leave and will do so only after all your questions have been answered.’                                     


·          Dr. Curnew will be present, unless called away for emergencies.


Dr. Curnew is usually present for most meetings.

Dr. Greg Curnew, MD, CM, FRCP(C)

Cardiology and Internal Medicine

General Site, Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation

Hamilton, ON


Hundreds of years ago Hippocrates said "Food should be your medicine and medicine should be your food!”